Revolution of Re-evolution

The Vibrational speculation.
The conjectural framework of tiniest clause of the foundational particle physics are substituted by one-dimensional entity called string. The string theory expounds how strings promulgate through space and interact with adjacent entities to access the potentiality of Universes. As an ordinary entity with its mass, charge and other properties regulated by vibrational state of the string, which in turn quadrate to the graviton, a quantum mechanical particle that meditates the force of gravity, it conjectures the quantum gravity. Its exertion stimulates the fundamental physics, i.e. windows to the universes as it deals with Black hole physics, cosmology of the beginning, nuclear physics & condensed matter physics.

The ACCESS and the REGULATION to the stimulations that trigger vibrational frequencies in strings will lead to the greatest ever revolutionary devise that’ll fathom all the riddles of the Quantum Mechanics, which will pilot the system, like; 1. Opening the doors to all the possible dimensions of the vacuum [i.e. access to all the eleven dimensions (superstring theory), through black hole]; 2. Tracing the explosion from singularity to the expansion of the universes; 3. Uncovering the Tesseract that contains space stone which allows controlling the fabric of space; 4. Regulating the space-time warp through sun’s energy and mass (the string from sun) in order control the flow of time and gravity in space (concurring the Einstein’s theory of relativity), which in turn will result in controlling the rotation and revolution of planets and other celestial objects. It will also help in perceiving the accuracy of ceasing of Universe’s expansion [i.e. the string in the singularity is a parent string which was proliferated and distributed into all the matters as equal division during explosion (the vibration of string in ordinary matter is regulated by parent string). Hence, the access to a string from an ordinary matter will aid in remotely regulating the vibration to the parent string. So when the string from ordinary matter is cause to have an equilibrium, or when the parent string reached the equilibrium after there’s no energy left to be emitted, the string of the singularity (parent string) will tend to withdraw its energy. Eventually, the string will turn to quadrate the graviton, that will meditate the force of gravity, i.e. inward pulling, time will be reversed, dark matter that binds galaxies into the vacuum will collapse, and everything in vacuum will start falling inwards (addition to another possibility of big-crunch theory). The energy withdrawn will be contracted, encapsulated back into a singular state of extreme density called ‘Singularity’, to begin the journey of explosion and expansion again. The revolution of re-evolution.
This access and regulation to vibrational frequencies of strings will vector the brief answers to a magnificent question called ‘TIME’.


Sound of silence, prevailing the night
anticipating in patience, on a nervous limb;
Without a smile or sign of love, wild comes in light
ebullient northern lights, arrived in whim.

In forest of wild, where creaking pines grow
murmured winter nights, the solar wind blows;
Life was a lifeless desert without a spark
before the hunger for life, regained on canvas of dark.

Dwindling away, aurora perishes in the flames
dancing across the sky, availing the nature’s game;
Cosmic streams of ghosts set on fire
the stars clearly shining, and auroras prior.

Delineating Graffiti, across the midnight sky
She saw them dancing in mystery, a tear fell from her eye;
Where soft cotton silence, hushes the hectic world
adventurous luminosity, leaves her heartbeats unwhispered.

Aurora borealis in babbling streams, it cajole
in the coldest winter night, she listened to her soul;
Mystical sort of vivid lights, heavenly it seems a lie,
this place beyond all her dreams brings the ray of life.

Art source- Astha Pandey.

At the edge of the infinity

At the edge of the Infinity
where evolution orbiting the eternity,
Monopolising the Universes in Vacuum
coruscating through the Veins and subsume.

Centres of the neurons explode
exhaustively in and out of Space,
Where we fall between breathes and implode
we grit through the split of birth & death, and trace.

Like the Journey of a drop on an icy window glass
triggering the causation of time and dry,
Like the whispering beats of heart and surpass
Emotions irreversible, proliferating in cry.

The overlapping fractals swimming deep in despair
to empty the emptiness of thoughts so far,
When everything rushes drilling the unfair
we fall back into a new dimension of who we are.


Needles and threads
sew me to sail;
Succour of bed
drew me the rain.

Tailor me a coat
to go chasing my dreams;
Inhaler in my pocket
to breathe me a transparent scream.

Soaring like the kites
enlightening the dark;
Falling meteorites
frightening the quarks.

Runny nose and eyes watery
in the future lights at the window;
Rhyming close the emotions tottery
the nature of the nights in pillow.


Crustaceous body, staring the prey
squatting legs, snaring on the way.

I was transfixed by your octa eyes
I knew that to seize in love was unwise.

Your panoramic world, you see at the night
I was trapped in your silk lair, and put no fight.

Of long spinning threads, slick and aged
your fangs wet with thrust, rigid in greed.

You seem like a prehistoric crab
with glucose sea in your web.

In my space, I was hypnotized by approaching harm
nervous trepidation at your neumerous arms.

Your vibrating ropes, pinioning me around
I’ll run for my life, when you fall on ground.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Araneomorphae
Family: Salticidae
Genus: Hasarius
Species: Hasarius adansoni

Hasarius adansoni (Adanson’s house jumper) is a species of jumping spider widely found in the Oriental and the Palearctic faunal region. They are mostly black with red mask on top and partly white pedipalps. Females grow about 8 mm in length, while males remain 6 mm.

These spiders build a silken retreat at night, which is about twice their length. Although the same retreat is sometimes reused, others are built in the vicinity.

They bear four pairs of eyes. Two big eyes, right in the center of what you might call the spider’s forehead, which are the principal ones and they pick up detail and color. Of the other three pairs, a rear set looks backward, a middle set is as yet a bit of a mystery, and the foremost detect motion. The lenses of the main eyes are attached by flexible tubes to retinas. The front pair of secondary eyes, the motion detectors, tell the main pair of eyes where to look.

Across The River

Two Souls, Two Islands, One River, Silent Love.

Chapter 01- A Stormy Night.

In Galapagos archipelago, eastern Pacific ocean nursing many Islands, a stream of water running between two islands, Isla Isabela and Isla Fernandina, forms a marine river of psychedelic colors.

The population on Isla Isabela was quite medly, while on Fernandina, it was just one person. Sebastian. A young boy who recently migrated to this place to a tree-house left by his grandfather, he made his step to resume his first book that he started writing long back when he was fifteen. While struggling in the beginning of his career for three long years after he turned twenty two, he realised that soon he started detaching with everything, he started being apathetic and unresponsive against everything in his life, and realised he was loosing something that used to make him feel alive, he was loosing himself. And after finding disappointment struggling hard just to earn money for the survival, which was not just enough to live life. Now, he was here, the time for him to continue with his passion, to live his life.

The tree-house was near the shore, and behind the house it was a dense oak forest. Energized on wooden swing in the balcony of his tree house, gazing out long past midnight at the beautifully civilized land of Isabela located across the marine river, further his vision. The river was broad around six hundred metres yonder, which curved between both Islands, like arteries in the land mass. He was tuned into listening on a cheap transistor radio, smoking and thinking about the events for the story of his book. The late October aroma of cultivated dew laden honeysuckle creeped through the fenced wooden handrail while a new moon made wicked shadows of the oak trees on the woods lot downstairs. Suddenly, the unwelcomed grey clouds travelled to this place, started raining and thunder rumbled in the month of October.

The sudden thunder and lightning brought shivers to him. The trees were swaying from left to right enjoying the showers of night. The animals frightened by the strikes of lighting and the roar of thunder, began to run. Soon the constant tides in the ocean and so in the river, were divided into random noisiness of energetic flow which striked his rowboat tied on the shore, making it more unstable. He could hear the shatters of doors and windows of his house. Darkness had engulfed the night along with the rain giving the night an eerie feel. He got up to close the shattering window and sat by the fireplace on a chair in his room, feeling the coldness of the night. All of a sudden the power went off, he was engulfed in pitch of darkness sending him shivers through his body. With a mid light of his cellphone, he started looking out for the candle. His heart was pounding, he could hear it heavily and strong than earlier, which gave him the feeling of being alive. Suddenly a window opened forcefully by the wind. He rushed to close it, but he stood there and peeped out to see the darkness stretched for miles apart. Across the river on Isabela, he saw a young lady casted and adumbrated in the lightening flashes, completely drenched in rain, was struggling with a huge suitcase and a backpack to rush inside her house that was near the shore of Isabela. She tried to open the lock with key, but from distance it seemed the lock was too old probably corroded to be opened easily. She took a piece of rock lying nearby and smashed it to shatter it. Opening the door she entered the house. He stood there thinking about her for a while. After a while, he noticed her when she came and was standing in her balcony with a candle, her face basking in the candle light but not clearly visible as the light was quite low and casted an inappropriate shadow on her face. Meanwhile the lightening bolt travelled from the sky and hitted the ground far away in his background, its intensity flashed her face that was quite discernible.

He didn’t know how much longer she could stand out there, waiting for some courage to push her to deal with some kind of problem she wanted to come out. Something in the back of his mind told him that she stood like she wished one of those raindrops would tell her how to solve the pressing matter, but that was unlikely as he barely knew anything about her. He took a deep breath, breathing in the smell of rain. The storm turned into an opera of the skies, the instruments determined to sing out, the trees and grasses as their percussion. Even the rain came in orchestrated rhythm, appearing as the master of the scene yet arriving on unheard cue. From within his house it gave a surging rise to his hearts, calling out that childish sense of adventurous joy.

Chapter 02- Paper Boats.

The light of dawn seeped into his room. Tiny specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of sunlight that slanted through the window, and kissed his eyes. He rubbed his bleary eyes on realising that he slept on the floor last night. Further his cleared vision, he received a landscape view of molten wax from the died candle on the floor. In his lethargic arousal he symbolised the molten wax to the storm- how nature burnt itself in the stormy rain like the candle that carried fire, both kept burning throughout the night and died in the morning; every bad phase has an end and there’s always light at the dawn.

He walked towards his window. There was a pearly glow in the sky with the chorus of melodic birdsong drifted across. The rising sun casted a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the scene. The just-risen sun shone softly on the streets of Isabela, bringing with it a flurry of early-morning activity.

As the sun went up it shone through the oak forest, creating mysterious shadows. The rain-caused waterlog and marshes soon started to dry through the process of evaporation fostered in the warmth of the sunlight. It was now easy to walk on the land and so he walked down the spiral staircase around the trunk of his tree-house.

He stroll through the meadows and forest behind his house to comb hottentot Fig, a plant species bearing yellow flower found in the Pacific coastal region. Every morning he use to leave a paper boat with flower petals into the marine river to worship the forgotten creator of the Universe who dwells in the profundities of the ocean. He believed that someday, the boat might sail through the ocean without sinking and that would be the day he would think his message for the friendship with life has been conveyed to the creator of the Universe. Though the river stream ran towards the Isabela, but he nurtured a hope deep down in his heart that someday the stream might change it’s direction. Plucking two three of beautiful yellow flowers with droplets on it, he separated the petals from the centre disc of the flower.

He reached near the shore and made a boat out of paper. The blue color of the marine river bathes the stage. He heard the sound of the ocean mixed with an ethereal music. He entered walking slowly holding a large paper boat with full of petals in it, and liberated the offerings to the creator. He closed his eyes and joined his hands clasping his fingers and palm, and prayed in his words imploring the creator. As soon as he opened his eyes, he found his boat sailing with some kind of energy, or sometimes lurching by the waves. But somehow it managed to sail towards Isabela. Tracing its direction, he realised his vision across the river on the shore of Isabela with lots of paper boats released by him, lying dead. He was reminded in fear that someday the creator would take revenge by sending him waves that would drown his island. Disagreeing to his thoughts, he loosened to release his row boat, and jumped into it. Rowing, he sailed towards the Isabela. On reaching the shore his eyes got stuck to the died paper boats, especially on the freshly released one. All the thoughts that was recently bombarding his head, again started swirling in him. But somehow he managed to ignore his pricked conscience and anchored his boat to the shore to head towards the beautiful civilization of Isabela to get some groceries and other basic needs.

The evening sun casted long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays gave a warm orange tinge to the sky and was ablazed with the fire of the setting sun. He reached the shore of Isabela and unanchored his boat to head towards Fernandina. As soon as he began to row, he got reminded of the died paperboats on the shore of Isabela. He looked back at the shore and found the shore was cleared. There were no died paper boats lying near the shore line. He was left clueless and too many questions started cannonading his head. Did they all washed-off by the river bathes? Or Someone cleared out the shore thinking of it a litter? Or what if someone had picked it up thinking of it a childish activity? In the midst of all this questionnaires, he realised he had reached Fernandina. On reaching his island, he was reminded of his book that he was on to. And all his invading thoughts regarding the paper boats were suppressed.

After continuing with his book for hours, he was energized on his wooden swing of his balcony. He looked up at the blanket of stars that stretched to infinity. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. The occasional barking of faraway dogs on Isabela broke the silence of night. With his distracted peace of mind, he looked towards Isabela. His eyes fell onto the balcony of a house near the shore, where he saw that young lady, that ‘mystery girl’ whom he saw in flashes of lightening in the storm. He missed her when she came to her balcony, may be when he was in his peace of mind gazing at the stars. But now, she rested herself on a wooden recliner with lots of paper boats in her hands. He stood frozen in astonishment and scratched the wooden floor with his feet to stop the swing to sway. He watched her removing all the petals from the paper boats and accumulated them in an empty flowerpot, placed on the broad handrail in her balcony.

She looked up in the wonderful glitters of the sky. The milky speckled sky twirled and danced along the night, forming various patterns of happiness that stretched the corners of her lips in a way that almost made her smile and the stars reflected as the sparkles in her eyes. Around the river of sky, the life was infinite.

She travelled the infinite distance of the Universe and his eyes stopped at the reflection of stars in her eyes.

Chapter 03- The Failed Response.

He woke up early in the morning. The rising sun casted a rosy hue across the morning sky. The birds chirped and enjoyed the cool breeze. He walked down stairs.

Nature was at its best in the glorious hour. The brilliant beams of the sun gave a splendid shading to the dense oak forest. Dew drops dripping from the leaves of the plants, drenched the grass. People on Isabela who got out for morning walk made the most of its blushing magnificence. Milk merchants and daily paper young men were heard calling their exchange every step of the way of the road. All of sudden, the brilliant ball sparkling in the sky became huge in the measure. As the sun started getting higher in the sky, the day’s action started.

He combed the forest to pluck flowers, and went near the shore. The breeze running across the coast, the white noise lilting over the waves, all formed a whooshing dulcet to his ears. He set the paper boat free in the river to sail on the mercy of the waves. But again, it directed towards the Isabela. He returned with all his guilt for not making it to reach the right place, to the creator.

He sat in his dark room with the dazzling sunlight penetrating his room through the window, and dropped his hands on his book. The ancient mullioned window casted a checker board of light over his head and the pages, with dust particles fluttering within the visible shaft. The light infiltrated his eyes to enhance and intensify the universe in it with pupil in the centre as origin. In all his immerse-ness and absorption of thoughts dissolved with ink on pages, his eyes carried certain kind of silence that begged to be understood and placed on it, like galaxies that had the chance to be named, like the greatest discovery on this planet was yet to be discovered by him.

As Earth turned he stretched and sunlight faded to the silent applause of his eyes. The light started to disappear into darkness with the load of the evening. He took a hot cup of coffee and walked towards the window. Before he could reach the window, he saw a glimpse of a lady through the thin curtain of his window. She was coming out of that same house on Isabela. He turned towards the window and drew the curtains.

That ‘mystery girl’ wearing a white gown with her revealing shoulders, walking towards the shore of Isabela. But before he could observe her beauty, he found she crouched and picked up the paper boat that he released this morning.

‘Hey! It’s mine.’ He hailed waving his hand.
She dithered and spun about at the urgent sound of someone’s calling out. Though, unknown belonging of voice, it captured her heart. The voice infused her ears to almost she skipped a beat. She couldn’t help herself on hearing it, even though she tried hard to keep her mind off. She looked for the direction of voice but she was confused by her ears as the wind near the coast whirled over the river, making many distance imposible to discern.

‘I’m here… Across the river.’ He released his voice again in order to call her.

This time, she captured the direction. A handsome young guy at his window waving his hands to her, in his attractive voice. His beauty came from his action and his voice, but his inner beauty, the beauty of his heart was reflected by the petals that she removed from the boat and held it in her hand. She was drawn to the picture.  She looked at him and stood there in her inscrutable face. He thought his voice may not be clearly audible to her in that distance. So, he went down with a pen and paper in his hand. He walked towards the shore and landed a beautifully crafted paper boat into the river.

She crouched and picked up the boat. Carefully unfolding it, she immediately knew what she was about to find. But no. It was not the flowers this time. She found his name in it. Sebestian. She looked at him and passed an attractive smile. He reflected her smile with his shiny eyes. She blushed. Unaware of her thoughts regarding him that was swirling in her, she just knew she wanted to talk to him. She wanted to sit with him and talk for hours. Disregarding her thoughts she rushed into her house.

He was worried- Why did she went inside? Did he do something that she didn’t like? Or she just didn’t wanted to talk? Forget about talking, what if he doesn’t even get her name? Too many negative thoughts regarding his step that started rushing into him, he thought he should leave it on time. No need to worry if he doesn’t get any response. With his decaying hope, he decided to step back into his house and rest in his balcony.

But before he could turn his back, he gave a last look at the shore of Isabela. She came back running out of her house with a pen in her hand. She was back at the shore. Standing and looking with her raisen heartbeats and a smile on her face. All his thoughts that soon started to decompose his hope, this view of Isabela’s shore with her, standing, nursed his hope to lit it again deep in the centre of his heart.

She wrote her name on that same paper and carefully folded it to the same traces of folded line and shaped it again into a paper boat. Liberating the boat into the river, she gave it a final bye by generating additional waves slinking her hand, directing it towards the Fernandina. But soon, she realised the boat swayed and swerved on the waves and walloped the shore of the Isabela itself. She tried again and again, she tried to slink it and sometimes gently push it with a thin long stick to make it reach enough till the distance that could synchronise it with the flow towards Fernandina. But the river was always directed from Fernandina to Isabela. She failed everytime and the boat kissed her feet. She looked at him with her worried look. His happy heart was soon filled with disappointment. The smile on his face started degrading and her urge of talking to him, faded again.
‘We can talk like this… In a loud voice.’ ‘What’s your name?’ He addressed her with his hands in the air waving her.

She gave a repentance look at the pen, and then looked at him with her saddened eyes. She turned her back to return to her house.

‘What’s your name? It’s fine if you don’t want to talk.’ He hailed. While she turned back and passed a warm smile. She returned home with a boat in her hand, and his name in it.

The sun was ready to fall. And those last setting rays failed to give him- the warmth he seek, the colors he missed, the hope he lost, and the faith he needed.

Chapter 04- The Silence’s Echo.

He stood still where he was standing, ambiguously missed out at the dusk. His eyes were gummed up on the verge of boggling and eyelids tuned into obstruction of batting. It was understood that she would probably reappear in her balcony, when night draw its dark starry curtain over the sky. Anyhow, disrespecting all his thoughts, he mustered up some hope and stepped into his house.

He threw himself on a chair in his dark room with a lantern, and continued his journey with his book.
Towards the rising action in the middle of the story, plot was supposed to take a curve into new direction, and the scene was running as, “I looked out of my bedroom window and saw the moon shining silver against the deep, damp, dark night sky. Suddenly, a strange shape, glinting golden in the marvellous moonlight, moved in front of the moon, blocking it completely out of view. It slowly descended and hovered over our lawn. I uncovered the curtain of the window and through which I saw a mystery girl.”

‘Hold on, what? A mystery girl?’ He murmured his mind in disturbance. ‘Where and who was the mystery girl ever in the story?’

Out of nowhere, his thoughts and ideas were obstructed by that mystery girl’s thoughts. He ignored it and tried hard centring his deep and dense thoughts in all his absorption to move smoothly with the plot. But soon he comprehended, his ideas were obscured by the block and he was left with nothingness around. The delicate spell of his creative consciousness was easily shattered. He tried to take his writing too seriously, it became this overwhelming burden that he started loosing his desire to carry. He couldn’t wake himself to ignite his creativity.
It was softness that called the body and the brain to rest and let his heart go to its steady rhythm. Meanwhile, a sound of piano from a far distance, kissed his ears and broke the silence of night. He heard the peace in that piece of music. The sound of silence. The silence between sounds, before he heard a note, and after he heard a note. Silence which never comes into contact with the sounds, but which is omnipresent and exists only because sound exists. The sound penetrated the cold air and the lukewarm vibrations travelled to him, to be composed into a beautiful musical journey of ‘harmony of love’.

Like the billion dreams and urges to kill lonelines, nourished and flourished in marshes. The sound continued a vortex in him and he made his way towards the balcony. His sight captured the ‘mystery girl’, sitting on a grand piano table in her room with warm flames of candles. A magnificent flickering shadow was casted in her balcony, with glimpses of her and her fingers in graceful limber. He looked at the surroundings. The night ran on a horse of pure midnight velvet, beckoned by the stars under the glow of a full moon. A canopy of luminous stars materialized amongst the ocean of blackness. It burnt away the drabness, the clock in and out, the mechanised life, robotic cold. Night came as a reward of sorts, a restfulness above to calm the soul. Sometimes eyes need music, and the darker the night the sweeter the song. From that far distance, the music echoed in him and he added a thought with the piece of her music- sometimes one’s own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. One has cause to think deep gratitude of those who enlightens the flame.
He stepped down and went near the shore to loosen his boat and sail across the river. Rowing his boat with mosses dressed ore, burble of the river added to the increasing tone of the music, he sailed leaving behind the wakes. The intensity of the music was suddenly raisen and the track was about to reach the climax. He speeded up in his urge and excitement to see her, nurtured along his foggy dreams in marshes, echoed in ancient ballads that took him to the shore of Isabela.

The intensity of the musical graph dropped towards the falling action, as if it was going to end.

‘Hey. I’m here.’ He hailed standing down, near her balcony. Suddenly the music stopped.

Her fingers stopped dancing over the keyboard and she dressed a fervent look on her face. His beautiful voice again hitted her ears and boosted her feelings that contributed to the orbit of her musical emotions. She was nervous and excited both at same time in limerence.
‘Are you there?’ He bawled.

‘Again his voice!’ She murmured her mind. His voice hitted so hard directly to her heart that it raised her beats. She didn’t knew anything about him, but there was something that she liked about his attitude by knowing the sound of his voice. Anyone could easily get capture in his euphonious voice. She managed to ignore all her thoughts and rushed near the table in her room to pick up the paper boat.

He kept his eyes at her balcony, and there she was. Wearing a beautiful smile on her face, she dropped a ‘paper boat’.

He picked it up and unfolded it. While unfolding, he found his handwritten name on the lateral side. It appeared that it was the same boat that he released in the evening and she tried to reinstate with something written in it. Turning the paper, on the opposite side of the page, he found her name. ‘Naomi.’ He read it in whisper and while pronouncing it, some kind of energy rushed into him that stretched the corners of his lips. Suddenly, again the piano started. He looked up at the balcony, but she wasn’t there.

He stood there listening to her music, holding a paper with her name in it. And the music echoed in uncertainty, throughout the horizon, like a piece of oracle derived from the ancient night clouds.

Chapter 05- Sailing Over the Moon.

He stood still holding a paper and their names in it, his eyes gawking at her balcony, ‘Can I come in?’ He asked in a loud voice. Suddenly the music stopped. Again, his voice penetrated her ears to flourish chaos in her eyes and her heartbeats raisen. Her eyes frozen somewhere in the candle light, broadened, nurturing some kind of excitement and desires. And she stretched her beautiful dropping lips. She played two notes of piano that sounded composed into an acceptance. Still staring at her balcony with hope of seeing her there, as now she had stopped playing after hearing to his voice. But soon, she started playing it again. Unaware of her thoughts that- what she wanted him to do? To enter her house or not to? As she had just dropped her name to him. He looked at the paper and folded it again through the previous fold of traces, and crafted it into boat. He found, she wrote her name on the lateral side, opposite to his. He triggered a thought- two strangers in a same boat, alone together. He gave a thought to it as some kind of innuendos. But somehow, he thought she wanted him to come up, as her two notes that she played seemed tuning into a grant.

There was certainty in uncertainty of that moment. Ignoring all his negative thoughts, with her piano still falling into his ears, he walked towards the door of her house. He placed his hands over the door, and gently pushed it to check if it was locked inside. And yes, the door was open. Slinkingly, he entered in. The house was dark, but was litten up with few candles and lanterns around. The piano notes travelled from the upper floor through the darkened stairs. He tiptoed through the shadowy stairs and he led himself quickly, quietly towards her room. The door of her room was partially opened and he could see her playing.

She was sitting at the huge, shining black instrument that looked like the sky on a cool winter night. And she was dressed in a long white sleeveless and backless gown with her shoulders revealing, clingy enough to witness her curves like tides in an ocean. The lower part of the gown curled and clumped with white cottony roses, undulating on the floor by the breeze running in through the window. Under the regulation of warmth of lanterns and candle lights, she was glowing like an angel. She seemed lost as her fingers flew over the keys, coaxing impossibly soothing and amazing melodies, weaving the heavenly notes. She seemed she was just standing at the gate of paradise.

His soft smile grew bigger and bigger. And he pushed the door quietly and stood there by the door frame, lost in reading her. While she just ended up playing the music and looked somewhere in the air with her broadened eyes attractive enough to capture the lights that made them shiny. Depending on the music that was being played, it added to their feelings and attractions that raised it stronger.

‘That was beautiful.’ He whispered. She looked at him and greeted with a smile.
‘I’m speechless…’ He said.

Again, she broadened her smile making his heart leap out of his chest. Her face basking in warmth of the candle lying infront of her, and eyes shiny enough difficult to read her senses. She took a paper and penned down something. She got up pushing the chair, and walked towards him with her gown sweeping the floor. They were too close that even they could smell the breathes of eachother. Their breathes gently kissed their skin, and bounced back, dissolving and swirling between their space. It intensified some kind of energy in them that they were unaware of. Both looked into eachother’s eyes. Four eyes magnetic in pair of two, and pupils dilated. Still looking into his eyes with her attractive smile, she handed him that paper, crossed him and walked downstairs. He looked at her while going, she opened the door and walked outside.

He opened the paper and found a reply. “And I can’t speak…”

His thoughts uncleared what she really wanted to say. With all his worries he rushed downstairs and followed her.

Under the starry night, the waves on the river distorted the stars reflecting over it, moon falling on her back casted a highlight over her body rim, she walked towards the shore with her arms enveloped in the cold.
He looked at her reflection in the river, distorted yet he could see her smile and her eyes were shimmery, easily recognisable. ‘What does that means?’ He asked, in his breathy tone.

Her face smiled in the reflection. He turned his head and looked at her. Her hair swayed in the breeze, tickling the back of her neck. The reflection of waves casted an undulating blue-white outline on her face. She took a deep breath and turned her face towards his. Both facing eachother, closely in a way that involved a strong connection. Her eyes captured his hand, on a pen and that paper in his hand. She unfolded her arms and projected it with her palm unfurled asking for it. And he placed them in her hand. With the support of other palm, she wrote her answer.

“You can speak, though you’re speechless. I want to speak, though I’m mute.” She looked up in the stars and he looked at her.

In the night they were as the flora of nature, alive and unseeing, existing only as self. With eyes closed they were at home and the blackness around was their cocoon, a place in which their dreams may flow freely. So, as the moon and stars shine above the passing clouds of ink, as they imbued breathes, and releases the heat in intimacy, their brain conjured a new movie for their inner eye.
He looked at her, her face was the keyboard, the eyes were the harmonies, the soul was the piano with many strings.

She looked at him, he folded that paper again into a boat. Strolling around she plucked some yellow flowers and extracted some petals. As he was about to liberate the boat, she sat with him on her knees and added those petals in it. With their hands together in water, slinkingly they added waves to bid the boat a goodbye. Getting up their knees, their heads collided. They looked at eachother and laughter burst. She holded his hands and watched the boat sailing. Suddenly, they realised this time, the boat captured the flow and was sailing between the Islands. The waves were not towards the Isabela, nor towards the Fernandina. The river changed its flow and curved towards the west. It was passing through the Islands. All his worries regarding the disappointment of the keeper of dreams, the creator of the Universe, got vanished. Now that the creator would be happy on hearing from him, this time with their names in it, he was happy too.

Drawing her attention, he released her hands and stepped forward to unanchor his boat. He looked at her with his appealing eyes, that apprised his urge to take her on a boat ride. Their eyes locked gazing into eachother’s, standing at distance. Unaware of his thoughts that he was asking for, she just knew she was being drawn to him and she couldn’t even neglect. She only knew that all her heart wanted was to sit with him and talk for hours, without saying anything. She skipped her thoughts, and slightly holding her gown till her knee, she ran towards her house and entered in.

‘Why did she went inside? Did he do something that she didn’t like? Forget everything, what if she doesn’t come? Too many negative thoughts regarding his asking, started rushing into him.

And then, the most beautiful thing happened to his life. She came back running with a lantern in her hand. Strands of her black hair, blowing by the gentle breeze, softly caressing it, her gown danced back and forth synced with the movement of her running legs, all captured in slow motion. Gazing into eachother’s eyes, she gave him her hand and he gripped it by her palm and fingers, and helped her to get into the boat.

Gazing into eachother’s eyes with a lantern in the centre, they sailed towards the west through all the low tides under the starry night. Their face glowing in the warmth of lantern, his eyes attractive enough that she skipped her beats in rythm, and her dropping lips appealing enough that his heart slipped into ocean. She wanted to speak her heart out and he derived her voice through her uttering eyes. Without saying a word, they engaged into the best conversation of their life.

The beginning of their story was finally accepted and was echoed by the oracle from an ancient night sky, casting their bold silhouette over the moon.

Chapter 06- The Forest of Forgetfulness.

Some days, he used to send her a paper boat with message and petals in it, if the flow of the river favoured towards the Isabela. And she would collect the petals in flower pot. This way, they verbalized their feelings that subsisted their togetherness. Some days, he would visit her and just sit and listen to her piano, worshipping her beauty. And sometimes he used to write and read a portion from his book for her. And sometimes they use to go to purchase their groceries on Isabela. They use to go on a long evening walk, far into the dense forest behind his house, with those last setting rays kissing the space between them. While sometimes they use to sit in their balcony, stargazing or looking at eachother forming rays of energy through their eyes, from that far distance across the river. The beginning of their story was stretched by the keeper of time, and it continued to concrete their journey together. Gradually, moving on this beautiful journey with her, his reliance on the creator of the Universe started running out of him.

One cold night, the river was eerily stormy, and the waves were roaring when they hit the shore. It was like the violent annihilation of two lovers into each other. The fog floated over the surface of the river like clouds of white cotton dancing on it because of the disturbance created by the waves. It was a wonderful starry night and Naomi followed him quietly with a blanket on her. They reached the dense oak forest behind his house on Fernandina. The forest of forgetfulness.

Walking with a faint lantern, they found a small open space in that dense forest. There were many hundreds of fireflies, not only in the trees but hovering, rising and falling, across the forest. They had never seen the numbers and density of lights like this before. It had the feel of fairies flitting against the dark backdrop of the forest. Taking care of the surrounding on the ground he cleared out sparsely fallen dried autumn leaves to make some space for the bonfire. Pouring some kerosene onto the pile of wood arranged with their tips converging, he lighted up the bonfire. Slowly, but steadily the fire grew. He saw the first white breath in the cold exhaled by Naomi when she came and sat beside him, and the temperature in the atmosphere started falling more and more. The warmth of her breathes too were added to the air along with the smoke released by the fire. The heat from the fire seemed to be sucked into the frigid air before ever reaching to their frozen hands and the intensity of the fire brightened up the place, good enough to witness the beauty of that place.

All their thoughts vanished when they saw the sight in front of them. There was a small beautiful pond nourishing some lotuses and their palmate leaves floating over it. Towards the left of the pond there was a small cave, carved in the huge rock and only the side walls of it was visible which were embedded by the bryophytes and few algal blooms in the marsh at its base. The large trees and green grasses ran throughout the ground which made it a beautiful garden with lots of flowers. Crickets in the forest provided a steady chorus under the rising and falling chirp of small frogs. The fireflies emitted an undulating, ephimeral glow throughout the darkness of the forest. They were immersed in sound, light, and aromatic sensory stimulation. Within the densely populated meadows around, a jewel-blue stream ran beside them, seeping and dribbling as it swerved through the trees. It curved gently through the forest, hopping over the rocks happily, as if it turned into arteries of the forest. And there was one more strange but beautiful thing that happened to their life. A massive Banyan tree encasing a semi-closed cave at its base. The entrance of the cave appeared wide enough, possible to enter together. And it seemed hollow adequate to hold them together. Naomi’s vision got frozen to the tree cave, while Sebestian looked up at the glitters in the bluish charcoal sky through a void in that dense forest, right above them in the center. The tips of the trees surrounding the edge of the void spiked up into the sky, directing them- the sign of life to be found beyond.

This secret place in that quiet forest, was never discovered by them before. Both looked at each other with their eyes drenched in affection and love. He clasped her hands and she caressed his fingers. They broke the language of their eyes and looked up at the wonderful glittering heavens in the sky, when stars danced along the nebulae, as a new world of all souls together. The millions of bright stars shining dotted on the black canvas of night, burnt away the blind brightness of the routine, the sound of the running clock, rushing behind the rush, robotic and heart-less life. The twisted, warped shapes of the stars made against the blackness, reflected down at the stream, like a thousand diamonds blessed with life beyond infinity. The milky speckled sky twirled and danced along the night, forming various patterns of happiness that stretched the corners of their lips in a way that almost made them smile and the stars sparkled in their eyes. A hot blue ray that emerged from the brightest of the star flickered in their hearts that soon started to grow throughout the neurons within them taking away all the dark emotions from the depth of every single cell, and they closed their eyes facing the sky. The neural basis for monogamy was extracted within to form the neural network. Their worries burnt away. Tears grew at the corners of the four eyes, melting down gently kissing the frozen whiteness of the cold on their face in a rush of relief. The tears cleared the coldness on their cheeks by its warmth forming a line under the protection of millions of stars, the slow moving stream forming a music of peace, and the beautiful grown up bonfire in that quavering cold, they felt they were transported into the space with only the nothingness around- where there was no worry to wake up in search for a better tomorrow, where they just wanted live the moment and feel everything left behind, where only they, only they were there to be loved by the sound of silence. They continued to let the pain of happiness run around for the moment.

Feet rooted to the ground, souls up lifted, as if they were holding the air, or maybe it was the air that held them up. They smiled dead. The spell was cast. Two complete strangers, soul and the soul, looked each other for the first time. It was the moment when life split. Who they were, before they met each other? The two! or the world for each other? Without saying a word, it was the best conversation they ever had by their souls. Around the river of sky, the life was infinite that yelled them, they were alone, together.

They absorbed the enlightened texture of their souls in that leafy paradise, and opened their eyes. Soon, the sky was covered with grey clouds obscuring the stars behind them. They looked into eachother’s misty eyes, and felt extremely grateful to be alive and present for that magnificent show running within them. Swiftly, a flock of fireflies, twisting and rolling, curled around them. At times, they would illuminate at about the same moment, then their individual rhythms would cause the light intensity to subside, then build back to another amazing display. She extended her hands out of her blanket unfolding her palm, close to their face, few of the fireflies smoothly came and kissed her palm. He placed his palm below hers and watched the beautiful undulating, fairy-like show of fireflies. Few lower ones seemed to be illuminated in synchronised rhythms, while those upper ones were scattered sharp points of blinking light. Looking at eachother, smiling, their face gleaming by the luminescent, slowly they were dragged towards eachother and the space between them was shrunk. Eyes against eyes, lips against lips, breathing heavily in their raisen heartbeats of attraction. He turned her palm and clasped it to pull her closer. Her lips turned wet and trembled in order to adjust. But before their lips could touch eachother’s, the first white cottony snow of that winter kissed the space between them. It fell on her cheeks. Ignoring the certainty that was about to happen, they looked up in the sky. Their breathes were calmed now and she leaned her head on his shoulder and he placed his head over her. Gradually it started blowing more making the sky blur and forest chaotic. Infinitely various yet infinitely repetitious, soft and hard, frozen and melting, a creaking underfoot and a soundlessness.

Chapter 07- The Eternal Touch.

Gradually, the volume of the snow flakes destroyed the bonfire. He picked up the lantern and they rushed inside the tree cave.

She covered them together in a blanket and they were snogging. She made her arms turn around him, and leaned her head on his shoulder. And he held her tightly. Both breathing heavily. His breathes stroked her scalp sending her vibrations that ran through her spine, and hers kissed his neck. Smoothly rubbing her face on his neck, her wet lips slipped over his cheeks. He leisurely turned his head, and their lips coupled. They inhaled their exhaled breathes with their raised heartbeats. Steadily, unwrinkled at first, then their lips glided and captured a smooth movement. They kissed, gently at first, then with swift gradation of intimacy. The breathless kissing between them grew more and more, and he led her lie on the ground. All of a sudden, all the layers of clothes turned too warm for them. She began to lift his sweater. He helped her, pulled it off over his head. He swiflty slide down the shoulders off of her gown, and dropped her clothes off. He spent a while studying her with his widened eyes in the warmth of lantern that mapped her curves. His hands running along her breast bone, caressing her breasts he licked them. Shedding the remaining inner layers of their clothing, they threw themselves on ground beside eachother. Naked. He curved his arms and she placed her head on it. Their breathes coming faster. She turned her face and opened her mouth with his, and kissed him with her tongue. In the midst of their breathless kissing, and she knew that she was never going to get enough of it. She pulled him on top of her.

Smoothly, he moved his lips down, and his fingers swept up the subtle ridges of her belly. Kissing her just above the pubic bone, he slipped his fingers inside her. Her heavy breathing made a little inarticulate sound. Shivers passed through her body, groping in the shadowy tangle of arms supporting her, feeling her legs forced apart and her mouth opened. He penetrated. She relished his weight on her, and celebrated being crushed under his body. She closed her eyes and felt he had many hands which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and his hardest part, it sank into her fleshiest part.

She felt herself being lifted, her body no longer touching the ground, the darkness swirling around her, strong breathes turning her, and stroking her all over. There was no gravity any longer. She felt his strength increasing, the heat of it increasing.

Still naked, Naomi sat straddled on his lap, covering themselves in blanket. He grasped her hands in his, laced his fingers through hers, kissed against her neck. And in their neural attachment, they watched the magestic storm of that winter through the cave.

Chapter 08- The Void.

They woke up to a dark morning and the snow was decelerated. Clumps of wet flakes drifted windlessly down and had partially covered the opening of the cave. In that split second before her sleepy eyes could widened, the touch of his body to hers that sensation of being connected to every nerve in her and her brain was electrified. She leaned in and her forehead against his. Both their breathes were shaking and she kissed his warm lips. She nuged her nose with his, gazing into eachother’s eyes she drove a warm morning smile. She uncovered them of the blanket and got up. They clothed themselves and cleared the snow from the opening of the cave to move out. The forest was covered in a thick blanket of white, as if they were a feather cushion, soft and warm. Trees peeked out under a new white caps. Aside from the green of the denuded trees, the only other color was the vivid saffron staining around the base of each lamppost, tree and shrub. The toddler in her prospered, and she was happy to simply walk in it to create few footprints of theirs, together. They watched the snowflakes tumble, those feathered crystals, their chaotic fall to form a blanket that could not be more uniform, more orderly. As they made their way towards his house, their footsteps crisscrossed each other’s around the labyrinth in forest.

They reached the shore. Yesterday’s roaring river was now turned into a frozen solid. It was covered with ice sheet that it showed reflections not much clear, though partially mirrored the heavy, grey sky. The river seemed to be running stormy under the glare of icy sheet but nearly solid as the frozen ground.

Naomi released her hands from his and reached out to touch, recoiling as soon as she made contact. Reaching some what till the distance on the icy sheet over the river, the kind of coldness that left her unable to warm without retreating back inside. Sebestian stood there and witnessed her happiness explicitly blooming, her face smiling, glowing in the white reflection of ice. She realised, towards the centre of the river where she was standing, the ice wasn’t flat like it should be, but broken more like the bark of a tree. In the cracks the water was mis-coloured, more like glacial melt water in its brilliant blue. She took a gentle step and heard a crackling sound of sheet in brittle, alarming. Without making any move, she stared at him in panic. Anyhow she managed to maintain a smile on her face, not letting him to recognize her trouble. But somehow, Sebestian noticed her fading smile and he was frightened of loosing her. Not knowing about any of his senses that was rushing in him, all together, he just knew he wanted to rescue her. He rushed and ran on that ice sheet. But before he could reach out, the ice beneath her feet crackled more and finally broken forming a void in ice, an ice hole that opened into the river, dragging her in. She fell into the freezing water with her blanket left over on the surface of the ice. Her hands clamored wildly in sudden for non-existent handles, and she captured something to hold. She suspended herself into the river by holding the edge of the void (ice hole). Without giving a thought to his life, he accelerated himself towards her. She felt her hands started to slipp of the grip. But fortunately, he got grasp of her hand on time. Making his legs stable distant form the edges of the void, balancing minimal pressure of his body on the ice, he pulled her out of it. She was unconscious. He lifted her in his arms and reached the shore. Clearing the snow with his legs, he led her down on the ground. He removed her clothes in hurry and thrust her chest bone. When it seemed to be of no effect, he gave her a mouth-to-mouth blow, passing air into her lungs. And after sometime, she expelled water from lungs through her mouth. Conscious now. She shivered badly by the cold as she was drenched in chilling water. Though she shivered badly, she smiled at him with tears in her eyes, and she hugged him to seek warmth. Tightly. She was shivering in that freezing cold. He thought to cover her with blanket. He looked at the river side and found the blanket lying on the ice. In no fear and in intense rush of trying to help her, he rushed towards the blanket before Naomi could think of his thoughts. Naomi looked at him and tried to call him. But she was helpless as she knew she can’t speak. With just her hands trying to reach him, she tried calling him in urge to stop him from going there. She tried to bring a voice out of her, but only the air would come out of her larynx. He reached the spot and crouched to pick it up. The blanket was in his hand and he looked at her, standing. The ambience was quite and everything was calm bt then. But her heart was still beating in a furious clip, he smiled looking at her with his affectionate eyes and blanket in his hand. The chilled breeze sliced through the air seemed to whistle the silence of cold. And suddenly, the ice crackled. Unstable, he fell in sudden into the river, with the blanket again left over the surface of the ice. Suddenly, an air blew forcefully through her larynx that generated vibrational waves and pushed a voice out of her. ‘Sebestian….’ She screamed. First time she heard her own voice. But before he could hear her voice, he was drifted away encasing her imaginary voice. He was drifted away by the stormy river, across the ocean to the creator of the Universe.

He gifted her a voice in mishap, and passed away without even listening to it. She looked at blanket lying over the surface of the ice sheet, and her howling echoed far away, throughout the horizon, across the river.

The story ends, but Naomi’s internal and eternal journey with Sebestian’s soul continues…


The day sprouts breaking the light
And life springs tricking the death.

The light dies towards the end
When life slowly melts down into land.

Dark clouds strikes and lightening flashes
Death bolts down when thundering crashes.

Colors of the Universe glows 
And dark are the phrases like arrows.

From the book of future’s life
Blows the roof in dispersed time.

Atoms now started loosening the bonds
And molecules speed up like travelling thorns.

Wind will Carry each torn pieces into hold
Like the thousand memories preserved in cold.

Scattering breathes spread into space
Like the dandelions in air thread like grace.

I am now been added with the stars 
Look up and I’ll glow like fire-flies in jar.

A Disastrous Acceptance

Andrew and Ashley were friends and they talked everyday for almost a year. Ashley was from the northern part of the country and Andrew was from the coastal region of central part. Both of them had feelings for eachother but no one could accept it. However, Andrew tried several times putting his feelings infront of her indirectly through the patterns of his telegraphic communication, by his talks and once through the medium of a story. Ashley somehow was able to understand but she was broken inside because of her past and so she was not ready to accept it. Keeping his feelings somewhere in the dark room of his heart, he continued talking to her as a friend and started to ignore his feelings- thinking at least he could save thier relation. Their talks started turning more witty and this fun part of their relation was again turned into a healthy friendship. They started looking forward for their texts and replies that would lit up their face with excitement. Slowly Ashley started to heal of her past and she had just begun to draw herself towards Andrew, and here Andrew started to heal of his thoughts for her.

It was the end of summer and monsoon had just hit the weather. Even after burying all his thoughts deep inside his heart’s tissue, again it was a time when all his feelings that he had for her started thriving and hit his head. There Ashley started developing a strong connection with his soul. Feelings of both now got ripened enough to place their acceptance into eachothers heart with courage and affection. 

In the evening, a dark and menacing storm quickly gathered. The whole town was filled with the darkened sky with heavy and incessant rain. Ancient trees were uprooted and crashed on the earth due to storm. 

This furious havoc had never been witnessed before by Andrew. But he was not bothered about it as this use to come every year and could do nothing more havoc. 

 Once again Andrew took courage to accept his feelings for her as he decided to text her without caring of her thoughts. “Dear Ashley, once again I’m going to place it infront of you. Even this time if my love gets unrequited, please never let me know, as this will never stop me from loving you. You’ll always be in me more than me like a part of me. Can I ask you for something? If possible could you please love me back a little amount of how much I do, be it a friendship or anything it doesn’t matter, it can come in any form. I will always …”  Before he could complete the message and send it to her, he heard a screaming sound of people. So he went near the window of his room to check. The air produced the screaming sound as peoples and houses started to swiftly washed away. He witnessed that the crazed distruction caused by the cyclone and the surge of the ocean had just began like it captured the speed in no time, and the water rushed and swirled into his house which was neck deep on the ground floor. 

Suddenly a wooden bar from the window of opposite side where he was standing, got pulled out and crashed his head. He started bleeding, lying on the floor, and his phone fell down into flooded water on the ground floor. 
There Ashley was waiting for his text as it showed “Typing…” to her when Andrew was typing a message of confession. After a while the phone turned off, floating. This stopped showing her that auto-generated text “Typing…” Silence-ness spread across their talks. 
Ashley with all her courage, decided to confess her feelings for him without giving it a second thought- what will he think about it? Or will he accept her? 
She thought it would be better if she confess it on call, hearing his voice and with all his feelings.
“I need to say something, can I call you?” She sent him a text. She waited for few minutes but it was not even “seen” by him as his phone was dead. 

She heard a sound of news that was running on TV in the hall. She heard about the Cyclone that just hit the central coastal region of the country. She got worried and tried calling him but she couldn’t reach. 

A wild and menacing storm quickly hit the region again, and he was still breathing forcefully, lying down and the blood running over the floor. He looked up to the sky when the roof of his house was taken away by the storm. Again a more stronger, powerful and menacing storm hit the region and it washed him away. His body and house turned into debris, floating now.


Death is a myth with mournful numbers
life is lucid but an empty dream;
When soul is dead it slumbers
when dreams that always scream.

Dream is earnest
and mourn is rust when it fall;
In the light, the dust returnest
and energies are the words of soul.

No beginning that we borrow
is our destined end or the ray;
life again reaches tomorrow
dreaming farther, we skip today.

Breath is long and time is floating
though air is song, stout and brave;
When heart is wrong that is beating
dust that belongs, marches to the grave.

Trust no future however pleasant
let the past burry in desert;
We can make our present sublime
leaving the footprints on the sand of time.

The Broken Window.

Arin went to a party with her friend Mathew. They both return late night, and Mathew dropped Arin to her hostel. Mathew asked her- if he could also come with her, but she refused him. Unfortunately two of her room-mates and her best friends were not there in her room, Alena and Shabana. Mathew somehow entered her room from the window. She was lying subconscious on her bed when she saw Alex entering her room from the window, as her imagination that started coming into ideas of reality beyond illusion. It was not Alex, it was Mathew who went closer to her jumping of from the window. He tried touching her inappropriately, tried to kiss her which she tried her best to refuse, but in smile because she was sub-consiously active and it was Alex according to her imagination. She loved Alex but she never told him. After sometime Arin was unconscious. Mathew put his hand inside her underwear and tried to undo her.

Alex had recently shifted to the apartment opposite to Arin’s room.
As it was late night, Alex tried reaching out to Arin in worry. But her number was not reachable. He got worried and thought to look after her through his window with a binocular, just to be sure- if everything was alright. He found that she was being touched and done by a guy about whom Arin use to tell him that he was her best friend. Alex was left speechless and he was unaware of things going on. Whatever he had seen was partially visible through her window. Because of which he hit a thought in a rush that Arin was sleeping with other guy, without able to give it a second thought. He decided that he should go and stop this. He loved Arin but he never told her, and Arin also knew about this but she never wanted him to accept it because of which they could ruin their good friendship relationship. Going through all of his thoughts he bumped into her hostel. He reached near the window after which it was clearly visible that she was lying unconscious that she wasn’t even able to feel anything, and she was being raped. He jumped, crossed of the window and entered in. He found a rod lying next as a part of Arin’s closet which he extracted it out from it and hit at Mathew’s head. He started bleeding and lied down. Alex held Arin and started jolting her, trying to bring her back into her senses. Eventually tears started rolling down his eyes and he cried his heart out. He checked for her pulse, that was all good and a good sign. He screamed loudly to call for someone’s help, and called her best friends which she told him about, Alena and Shabana. Her underwear was lying down to her legs which he tried to put it back after knowing that no one was going to come and he would take her to the hospital alone. As soon as the underwear reached near her thigh, Alena and Shabana entered. They bursts at Alex when they saw Mathew lying down, Arin’s underwear in Alex’ hand touching her upper thigh. Alex looked at their eyes which gestured him that they misunderstood the situation. Alex tried explaining them, but no sound could come from his mouth and he was left speechless. Alena and Shabana called the warden, and took Arin to the hospital. Warden asked Alex to stay in hostel and not to come with them as everything went wrong for Alex. Helping hands, friendship, trust and love was turned into his biggest nightmare. Warden called for the cop in the way. They reached the hostel and took him with them to the police station.

Early morning, after Arin became conscious, cops reached to her to take her statement. But she couldn’t say anything because she wasn’t able to remember anything hardly. According to her, Mathew left after dropping her to the hostel. She tried recalling, but she couldn’t speak anything. When she was asked about Alex- if she remembered if Alex came to meet her in the hostel? Because of her imagination turned into illusion, here Alex was trapped out of no idea in all the misunderstandings. Arin loved him, but she never thought that Alex would do this to her when she’s not in her senses. She thought Alex broke her trust, she said ‘Yes, he came to her last night.’ And for all his life, Alex was left with a guilt in prison.