Oh! The Lost Sound of Life…

Oh! The Lost Sound of Life,

Your Hug is the Sweetest Pain to Dive;

The Rays of the Stars Falling in the Sky,

Your kiss is the Brightest Breathe, Wanting for the Cry;

In the Noisy Room, and Closed World,

In the Smiling Bloom, and Crossed Heart;

Where Searching for you is a Hope,

And Growing in you is to Elope;

The Holding of Hands with a Squeeze,

And Running of Beats in a Breeze;

The Tremors Swirls across the Neurons,

When the Souls meet Inside the Arms;

That Waiting in hope

For the Rainy Cold,

The Joy it Brings

When the Tears We Drink.

Oh! The Lost Sound of Life,

Your Hug is the Sweetest Pain to Dive.

-Oh! The Lost Sound of Life…

At the Edge of the Infinity.

At the edge of the Infinity

the Universe in the Vacuum

and evolution of Life

Sparkling through the Veins

while the centres of the neurons explode

in and out of Space

where we fall between breathes

when we slip through the birth and death of the moments

like the Journey of a drop on an icy window glass

taking all together in its way, like the yelling beats of our heart

that will never grow back, and held high

with the overlapping fractals diving deep throughout the veins

and empty the emptiness of thoughts as all rush together at a time,

to fall back in our senses as a new dimension

of who we are..

-At the Edge of the Infinity.

Around the Air..

A strand of breeze from your breathe came and twisted around my beats, and made me feel like the same you did when you kissed my forehead. When you came and created the turmoil of bliss within my neurons. These proclaims that these are the part of that same breathe, and they now can feel the warmth of mine in you.

Around the Air..

The Roots of Life.

When you start feeling your evolution, when you try to think for re-evolution, when you have explored the infinite capacity of cell’s nucleus, when you want to travel the reverse infinity of Life, you are close to the end of evolving.

-Evolving towards the roots of life.

In Dream of No Life 2

Where are we?

On Period of “Once upon a time..!”

Is a new story going to begin? Or we already ended up asking this? We don’t know and we shouldn’t.

Now it’s the same feeling in two hearts. Perhaps the one.

The story should never begin, so that it could never reach the end.

-The story that never began…

In Dream of No Life 2..

Varanasi- Where Soul & Body are Two Different Things.

The city has many secrets to yell. Secrets are always the truth, they are meant to be hidden. The city that runs on its past. The city that blows all the negativity with the smell of incense sticks. The city that is ruled by a river. The city that celebrates equal love for both, Birth and Death.

Varanasi- Where Soul and Body are Two Different things.

In Dream Of No Life..

Where are we?

At the dusk?

Where there is no worry to wake up in search for a better tomorrow;

Where we just want to live the moment and feel everything left behind;

Where only we, only we are there to be loved by the sound of the Silence;

Such loneliness in togetherness, where we have taken flight not to meet back to our body;

Did we reached the twilight, lighting up the sky with the stars?

Or we are about to wake up ray-ing the new dawn of Life?

-In Dream of No Life..

The Two..

I stopped moving. Feet rooted to the ground, soul up lifted, as if I was holding the air, or maybe it’s the air that held me up.

I smiled dead. The spell was cast.

Two complete strangers, soul and the body, looked each other for the first time. It was the moment when Life split.

Who they were, before they met each other?

The Two, or the world for each other?.

-The Two..


Years later I visited the door back. All it showed me was- to sob my soul for the entire journey of my life. Crossing the broken white lane on way to Life, passing trees, floating clouds, the air growing through the edges of time, shaped me to stand this place. It stopped me to see the sun shine from the other side. Now they show me the wings to fly away the world.


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