Air here is a benevolent ocean,
spirit here, lives in spontaneous impulsion;
Why not seize the pleasure forever?
let’s get lost in this endless leisure.

Cosmic spirits are native to this plethora of dreams,
sizzling of the trees whistles this Pristine;
Crossing hills runs high along the winding streams,
and clouds here diffuses the sun beam.

Far away from structured civilisation,
discovering life’s ancient equation;
In the wisdom of this assembling splend,
yes, I’ve landed in the fantasy land.


A stream trickling down nearby,
thousands of stars frozen in the sky;
The land submerged in the moonlight,
dreams assembled in the stillness of full moon night.

The night is dark and endless,
and the mind levitating in silence;
Now that we have tryst to live,
let the affection revive.

Our love is writing a poetry in dainty letters,
layers of eyes-calligraphy, dried before the lips;
Two wild desires are craving each other,
met at last where the body limits.

Beyond wisdom and certainty,
that lies in the period of our breathes;
Our soul continues to liquify,
and the universe freezes.


In the blast of the wintry wind,
the lights in the mountain darkened a little;
In the mountain village where a bright street extends,
the twilight at the horizon was hazily written.

Smoked trouts were out for sale,
over the marsh and under the starry theme;
Snow had become brightly ample,
docking a sweeter song to the naked streams.

Grappled in the dreamy space,
like the idleness at the end of the history;
Clouds yawned in the mountain’s grace,
hiking the nature’s boundless mystery.

K U F R I – The Picturesque hill station

Snuggled in the spirit of the Himalayas, this panoramic town is encircled by circuit of the Himalayan ranges. The imposing valleys of the small town remain refreshingly green during warmer months, and turn ethereally white during winters, purveying some of the most heavenly sights.

The valley also boasts a variety of local flora and fauna, such as thick forests of pines and deodars, that elevate the beauty of the place. Surrounded on all three sides by the stunning pine-caped mountains, this National Park houses nearly 31 species of animals and over 150 species of birds. The nature lovers can further satiate their tastes by paying a visit to the Green Valley or the town of Fagu in Kufri, which boasts of stunning forests and a great population of birds.

Kufri offers a number of sports and adventure opportunities for travelers. Boasting of a considerable rich endemic wildlife, the Himalayan National Park in Kufri is a delight to wildlife enthusiasts as well as trekking lovers.

While in Kufri, pay your heart open to Kufri Fun World, which is one of the highest amusement and adventure parks anywhere in the world. The park hosts zip-lining, reverse jumping, as well as a Go-Kart track, allowing visitors to Kart against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas.

Kufri, Himachal Pradesh.


Dusky hair and dewy feet
along the alpine dells;
Chiming air and concrete root
belong to thousand peculiar bells.

Quite a climb, yet how sublime
wavy road, curved around;
When the mountains and the dawn rhymes
we walked serenely to grow more profound.

Frosted peaks, twisted to spun
so tactical, it might penetrate a star;
Spannend abutting, by a silver rim
tightly laced along all our scars.

Undulating breeze, so harmonious
leaves scuffled in the symphony of alpine;
Whispers of the lost soul, the town so curious
the ravine found in the gravity of time.

S H I M L A – The Queen of Hills

With plethora of activities and a treasure trove of heritage and information, Shimla offers soul soothing view from it’s unimaginable broad vision mapped by hills and valleys, and cladded by Himalayan houses holding colourful rooftops reflecting the last setting rays along brilliancy across the mountain ranges-horizon layered in fog. The marvellous view of pine-garbed mountains, mapping stunningly rich greenery; and the beautiful lakes in the land of Shimla addresses to enjoy it’s boundless beauty. Enveloped in a pristine scenery of majestic Himalayan peaks and mystical forests of oak and pine; the sun rays peaks through the mountain ranges and create lively shadows of the pines and rock fissures. The night view of the city succour stars in the valley, in the middle of chaos of Himalayan night life. It has pleasant weather through out the year. And when clouds swaddle the mountain peaks, it permeates the mountains following the inclinations of the city to form the cascades across the vertiginous city and villages.

Shimla holds magic in the air, beyond comparison to spellbind the romantic gateway of India. Heavenly is a word can be used to describe this place by the lost travellers. The place enchants and remain in memory for the rest of your life; don’t forget to capture those moments.

Shimla offers the never-ending chaos of narrowing your bucket list;- The Ridge, Mall Road, Christ Church, Jakhoo Hill, Scandal Point, Himanchal state Museum, etc.

The First Snowfall

It was the beginning of winter. Edan certainly seemed to appreciate it, as she filled her bucket and carefully tilted it under Adam’s supervision. With all the solemnity of her love for it, she tapped it with her spade, before lifting it off and sitting back on her heels to survey her handiwork.
Adam had removed one, too, a smaller one, that nestled in his cardigan pocket. Every so often he worked it between his finger and thumb. Its smoothness was comforting, almost like a worry stone. He looked as proud as if they’d built a sand version of the Taj Mahal rather than a standard sandcastle, a rite of passage over generations.

Further round the shore, chalk pebbles and rocks lay shining under the moon, too cold to touch. When they’d walked there earlier, Edan had picked one up to put in her bucket with other treasures. She placed it at the top of the castle and Adam casted their names gently with heart in the centre, with his wet hand.

“There.” With a final pat of the spade, Edan said. That was the Taj Mahal, or whatever they wanted it to be, finished. Adam stood up. “Waves coming in, sweetheart?”

Little steps, that was what life was about, even in the face of something that had been so momentous at the time. The waves came and crashed the castle.  

Edan laughed lying on the sand allowing the waves to hit her too. He gave his hand and she held it when he pulled her to make her stand. Edan started to dance with her wet clothes casting herself as silhouette over the moon light. Adam sat down again allowing himself to be crashed by the waves, and looked at her with his eyes filled with love and smile. She looked at him and stopped dancing. She went closer to him and they gazed into eachothers eyes. She kissed him. She was lifted by him onto his lap, he, like his life, rewarded her with a beautiful smile that lit up his whole face, as bright as the moonlight that glittered on the blue-green water of the ocean. 

The first white cottony snow of that winter touched her cheeks, as if it touched the space between them. They both look up in the sky, gradually it started blowing more making the horizon hazy. Infinitely various yet infinitely repetitious, soft and hard, frozen and melting, a creaking underfoot and a soundlessness. Their breathe was calmed now and she leaned her head on his shoulder and he placed his head over her. 


Hold back the eternity in clock
and nourish the infinity in palm;
The darker you stand in a white flock
brighter you grow in a spring farm.
When you see the world in grains of sand
and heaven lies within your blossom;
Your tenderness that remained budded
will pullulate wisdom through your meristem.
In the lap of winter sun you wither
you have your own story to warble;
This frail duration that whispers
drenched in certainty, you wake up to sparkle.
Lost in the symphony of layering dawn
you detach the magnifying moisture in dews;
The lightest of rays over the surface that crawls
you treasurize your dreams in the harmony of your hues.


Sit at your window with blue lantern and close your eyes. Make your shallow breath deeper, cycle by cycle. The scene begins in darkness and conclude the first broadening line of light of the world outside the window. In a flash, let the pollyannism begin and try to feel the intensity of time, flash after flash. Remember the moments that set you on a thrill and hold your breath. Let the circle of life flash your journey and release slowly. Take another breath and again hustle into your consciousness with all the phases to smile your past, to think about all the adjustments of present, and your future, where you’re standing at the beach to see the tranquil ocean structured by the waves symbolising the flow of time. Metamorphosis in light of the darkness of your brain, mysterious and inexplicable, spread your arms and let the cobwebs of time to fly you. Witness the road heading towards the heaven. The trees hedging the road, singing a song of happy ending- pushed by the scuffling of their leaves; the wooosh of air and the chirps of bird, all these together forming a forest of forgetfulness. Clouds embracing the soul with the vapours of Life. They made the droplets to fall down and the rays scattering forming the prism reflecting heaven. As the soul could see from up above the sky, the roads to heaven is never ending into a dot. Walking alone holding each others to nowhere in this world. Give the scene a roundness and finality. And open your eyes. Feel the Happy tears as a residue for swallowing all the pain. Stretch your lips and blow out the flame in lantern. The moisture in happiness and the gravity of soul is never ending.

Moderate Cogitation

In this coppery equatorial glow, the time of slower thoughts has arrived, attending the moments when with open eyes my brain becomes as a perfect empty horizon, seeing, yet content to sit. I feel the soothing breeze absorbed in the psithurism, letting the gentle energy of nature wash over the molten sapphire. The lingering rays diffused by the rapidly fluttering clouds and the vast expanse of shadows casted by the clouds chasing across each other, sailing some contrast to the greenery establishing to balance the earth’s seasons of unimaginable wide context; like a canopy over lucid rays materialised amongst the ocean of cool, gentle and palatable vibes and certainty.

And there I was, standing, feeling the grass tickling my feet, and I tilted back to behold a field of blue that stretched far beyond my eyes could track, where small birds cut across the air; swooping, spinning, spiraling and diving. The birds were soaring high with so much zeal and zest that could bring courage to even a derelict for the search of betterment in life. My mind was blur with observations, each more fanciful than the next. The rays danced in various shiny silvers and golds through the gaps between the leaves and the branches, uncomforting my eyes yet the look at the sky didn’t cause the storm to go inside of me. Instead, a sapphire blue fire flickered in my heart and soon started to grow, eating at all of the dark emotions in it’s path. My worries burnt away, and cold tears started to form at the corners of my eyes melting down my face with a rush of relief.

Crying felt good, especially when they were the tears that I didn’t wanted to push away. They were more like the feelings of joy, relief, happiness and freedom streaming away from my hurried eyes. I could let the floodgates open with each of my heartbeat. I stared up at the sky and continued to let my pain run away for the moment. The undulating breeze rolled in and clasped my feet, not ever wanting to leave.