In Dream Of No Life..

Where are we?

At the dusk?

Where there is no worry to wake up in search for a better tomorrow;

Where we just want to live the moment and feel everything left behind;

Where only we, only we are there to be loved by the sound of the Silence;

Such loneliness in togetherness, where we have taken flight not to meet back to our body;

Did we reached the twilight, lighting up the sky with the stars?

Or we are about to wake up ray-ing the new dawn of Life?

-In Dream of No Life..


The Two..

I stopped moving. Feet rooted to the ground, soul up lifted, as if I was holding the air, or maybe it’s the air that held me up.

I smiled dead. The spell was cast.

Two complete strangers, soul and the body, looked each other for the first time. It was the moment when Life split.

Who they were, before they met each other?

The Two, or the world for each other?.

-The Two..


Years later I visited the door back. All it showed me was- to sob my soul for the entire journey of my life. Crossing the broken white lane on way to Life, passing trees, floating clouds, the air growing through the edges of time, shaped me to stand this place. It stopped me to see the sun shine from the other side. Now they show me the wings to fly away the world.


Sailing the Dusk..

The dusk was at the breath of loneliness. Such loneliness sailed deep under the ocean, forming the waves of peace. The coolness of the breeze over the surface of the ocean added an unequivocal music to the evening. The silhouette of birds over the sun reflected an image of life flying high in the air. The half plunged sun painted the clouds vermillion fluttering around in its wavy air of heat. The sky was broken down into rumple when it looked down the ocean. Then the sun got perished, and clouds walked away pulling the twilight to light up the stars and fall into the ocean.

– Sailing the Dusk..

The Black Soul..

The Dust of Goodness on you will eat the colour of Badness. It will leave you not ‘even’ for the Hell, or not for the ‘odd’ in Heaven. You does not ‘exist’ in the Universe with your darkness exposed. Although, the darkness behind the curtains of Whiteness has taken all the breathe to ‘survive’.

-The Black Soul..

In no Dream of Life..

Forget about the last night. And forgive me too for whatever I’ve done to ‘us’ as it was inescapable. But I did it willingly, and also because you too had an excitement for the same.

Detaching with you.

In my dreams. You were never there around me to control my excitement. So, the bedsheets got changed early morning, after I woke up with a stain on my pant.

In no dream of life..

Women’s Day

For a while then, I thought it was you putting your hairs aback your ear, laughing heart out, flying high, kissing the clouds.

Then I got realised, that it was just the figment of Imagination.

You were supposed to Fly, but you were never allowed to breathe. You were supposed to make others laugh, but you were never allowed to Smile. You were supposed to Live the world, but you were never allowed to kiss your Beats. You were supposed to give Birth, but you were never allowed to born.

You died in your own arms with no kiss of Life.

Even then, there exists a wish surviving little in hope of-“Happy Women’s Day”. The sad thing is, it’ll remain a “wish” for ever in this ostentatious world.

-Women’s Day.

Taj Mahal

Always wanted to visit the majestic monument of love on a full moon night. And so, on the auspicious full moon night of Holi, when the entire city of Agra was immersed in gay festivities, I found myself, with a handful of tourists, at the stone-paved courtyard, so called Eastern Gate, waiting for the gate to open. Small number of visitors can visit Taj after sunset, in half hour slots on full moon, but we were late. We had to wait till 6 in the morning to push off the gate and to enter inn.

Hope, next time I won’t fail..

And yet, to my mind the most beautiful sight of the Taj Mahal, especially on a full moon night, is from across the Yamuna, from the so-called Mehtab Bagh.

Crisscrossing the Time.


Few more minutes of “2017” to survive, then we’ll be entering the “New Days” of Life. Where one wonders- “How time flows..”, but no one cares- “Where time flows to..”. Few more minutes to read the “Epilogue” of “2017“, which you have been reading last 8-12 seconds ago, now in your hands. Wait! 15 seconds.. Oh! 17.. And Time flies like an Arrow. Few more minutes to write the “Acknowledgements” of “2017“, then we’ll be creating the “Prologue” of “2018“. Which will be nothing, but only Celebrating. Celebrating for what? For just a Fraction of seconds between “the Split of Time“, when your Heart skips a Beat; When the Time, the Night, your Heart wants to be present at each & every place where it is going to be celebrated. But, your Soul has to face the fact, that your body remains once at a time, and you need to be Immortal to see the joy of lights across the globe.

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