A Disastrous Acceptance

Andrew and Ashley were friends and they talked everyday for almost a year. Ashley was from the northern part of the country and Andrew was from the coastal region of central part. Both of them had feelings for eachother but no one could accept it. However, Andrew tried several times putting his feelings infront of her indirectly through the patterns of his telegraphic communication, by his talks and once through the medium of a story. Ashley somehow was able to understand but she was broken inside because of her past and so she was not ready to accept it. Keeping his feelings somewhere in the dark room of his heart, he continued talking to her as a friend and started to ignore his feelings- thinking at least he could save thier relation. Their talks started turning more witty and this fun part of their relation was again turned into a healthy friendship. They started looking forward for their texts and replies that would lit up their face with excitement. Slowly Ashley started to heal of her past and she had just begun to draw herself towards Andrew, and here Andrew started to heal of his thoughts for her.

It was the end of summer and monsoon had just hit the weather. Even after burying all his thoughts deep inside his heart’s tissue, again it was a time when all his feelings that he had for her started thriving and hit his head. There Ashley started developing a strong connection with his soul. Feelings of both now got ripened enough to place their acceptance into eachothers heart with courage and affection. 

In the evening, a dark and menacing storm quickly gathered. The whole town was filled with the darkened sky with heavy and incessant rain. Ancient trees were uprooted and crashed on the earth due to storm. 

This furious havoc had never been witnessed before by Andrew. But he was not bothered about it as this use to come every year and could do nothing more havoc. 

 Once again Andrew took courage to accept his feelings for her as he decided to text her without caring of her thoughts. “Dear Ashley, once again I’m going to place it infront of you. Even this time if my love gets unrequited, please never let me know, as this will never stop me from loving you. You’ll always be in me more than me like a part of me. Can I ask you for something? If possible could you please love me back a little amount of how much I do, be it a friendship or anything it doesn’t matter, it can come in any form. I will always …”  Before he could complete the message and send it to her, he heard a screaming sound of people. So he went near the window of his room to check. The air produced the screaming sound as peoples and houses started to swiftly washed away. He witnessed that the crazed distruction caused by the cyclone and the surge of the ocean had just began like it captured the speed in no time, and the water rushed and swirled into his house which was neck deep on the ground floor. 

Suddenly a wooden bar from the window of opposite side where he was standing, got pulled out and crashed his head. He started bleeding, lying on the floor, and his phone fell down into flooded water on the ground floor. 
There Ashley was waiting for his text as it showed “Typing…” to her when Andrew was typing a message of confession. After a while the phone turned off, floating. This stopped showing her that auto-generated text “Typing…” Silence-ness spread across their talks. 
Ashley with all her courage, decided to confess her feelings for him without giving it a second thought- what will he think about it? Or will he accept her? 
She thought it would be better if she confess it on call, hearing his voice and with all his feelings.
“I need to say something, can I call you?” She sent him a text. She waited for few minutes but it was not even “seen” by him as his phone was dead. 

She heard a sound of news that was running on TV in the hall. She heard about the Cyclone that just hit the central coastal region of the country. She got worried and tried calling him but she couldn’t reach. 

A wild and menacing storm quickly hit the region again, and he was still breathing forcefully, lying down and the blood running over the floor. He looked up to the sky when the roof of his house was taken away by the storm. Again a more stronger, powerful and menacing storm hit the region and it washed him away. His body and house turned into debris, floating now.


Death is a myth with mournful numbers
life is lucid but an empty dream;
When soul is dead it slumbers
when dreams that always scream.

Dream is earnest
and mourn is rust when it fall;
In the light, the dust returnest
and energies are the words of soul.

No beginning that we borrow
is our destined end or the ray;
life again reaches tomorrow
dreaming farther, we skip today.

Breath is long and time is floating
though air is song, stout and brave;
When heart is wrong that is beating
dust that belongs, marches to the grave.

Trust no future however pleasant
let the past burry in desert;
We can make our present sublime
leaving the footprints on the sand of time.

The Broken Window.

Arin went to a party with her friend Mathew. They both return late night, and Mathew dropped Arin to her hostel. Mathew asked her- if he could also come with her, but she refused him. Unfortunately two of her room-mates and her best friends were not there in her room, Alena and Shabana. Mathew somehow entered her room from the window. She was lying subconscious on her bed when she saw Alex entering her room from the window, as her imagination that started coming into ideas of reality beyond illusion. It was not Alex, it was Mathew who went closer to her jumping of from the window. He tried touching her inappropriately, tried to kiss her which she tried her best to refuse, but in smile because she was sub-consiously active and it was Alex according to her imagination. She loved Alex but she never told him. After sometime Arin was unconscious. Mathew put his hand inside her underwear and tried to undo her.

Alex had recently shifted to the apartment opposite to Arin’s room.
As it was late night, Alex tried reaching out to Arin in worry. But her number was not reachable. He got worried and thought to look after her through his window with a binocular, just to be sure- if everything was alright. He found that she was being touched and done by a guy about whom Arin use to tell him that he was her best friend. Alex was left speechless and he was unaware of things going on. Whatever he had seen was partially visible through her window. Because of which he hit a thought in a rush that Arin was sleeping with other guy, without able to give it a second thought. He decided that he should go and stop this. He loved Arin but he never told her, and Arin also knew about this but she never wanted him to accept it because of which they could ruin their good friendship relationship. Going through all of his thoughts he bumped into her hostel. He reached near the window after which it was clearly visible that she was lying unconscious that she wasn’t even able to feel anything, and she was being raped. He jumped, crossed of the window and entered in. He found a rod lying next as a part of Arin’s closet which he extracted it out from it and hit at Mathew’s head. He started bleeding and lied down. Alex held Arin and started jolting her, trying to bring her back into her senses. Eventually tears started rolling down his eyes and he cried his heart out. He checked for her pulse, that was all good and a good sign. He screamed loudly to call for someone’s help, and called her best friends which she told him about, Alena and Shabana. Her underwear was lying down to her legs which he tried to put it back after knowing that no one was going to come and he would take her to the hospital alone. As soon as the underwear reached near her thigh, Alena and Shabana entered. They bursts at Alex when they saw Mathew lying down, Arin’s underwear in Alex’ hand touching her upper thigh. Alex looked at their eyes which gestured him that they misunderstood the situation. Alex tried explaining them, but no sound could come from his mouth and he was left speechless. Alena and Shabana called the warden, and took Arin to the hospital. Warden asked Alex to stay in hostel and not to come with them as everything went wrong for Alex. Helping hands, friendship, trust and love was turned into his biggest nightmare. Warden called for the cop in the way. They reached the hostel and took him with them to the police station.

Early morning, after Arin became conscious, cops reached to her to take her statement. But she couldn’t say anything because she wasn’t able to remember anything hardly. According to her, Mathew left after dropping her to the hostel. She tried recalling, but she couldn’t speak anything. When she was asked about Alex- if she remembered if Alex came to meet her in the hostel? Because of her imagination turned into illusion, here Alex was trapped out of no idea in all the misunderstandings. Arin loved him, but she never thought that Alex would do this to her when she’s not in her senses. She thought Alex broke her trust, she said ‘Yes, he came to her last night.’ And for all his life, Alex was left with a guilt in prison. 

The Dispersion Of Her Eternity.

Arin knew already that this would be the thing that would end them. And that in the deepest part of her, she had known it from the beginning, like someone stubbornly ignoring a weed growing until it blocked out the light.

“You can’t stop,” says Arin when she kissed him on his cheeks.

“It’s…it’s lovely. I think it’s…the way you write about woman. About how she feels, the way she sees thinks. I saw myself in that girl’s character in your book.”

“Okay. Go back to your work.” Alex said, and Arin walked away to her cabin. She looked at the amount of work she had on her desk, with her vacant face and thought to take a nap and after which she would resume with it.

 Almost without knowing what she is doing, she leans forward, takes his face in her hands, and kisses him. She is in Paris, in the apartment of a man who looks like Alex, and she has never done anything that felt less risky in her life. His arms close around her, and she feels herself being pulled into him.

“You are…magnifique, Alex.” She said.

And he was kissing her back. Once, twice, until she had a taste and realized she will never have enough. She closed her eyes, feeling his lips on the back of her neck, feeling his fingers tracing the length of her spine. There came the pressure of a warm fingers slipping inside her, and lips against her lips. And suddenly he was kissing her harder, deeper, with a fervent urgent need she have never known before. Alex lifts her top in order to remove it and Arin let her hands up not offending what he was going to do that was willingly but uncontrollable. He removed her top finally fell open, he studied her, his hands running along her breastbone. Then he caressed her breasts and licked her there. Alex lifted her and lied her down on his bed.
She felt herself being lifted, her feet no longer touching the floor, the darkness swirling around her, strong hands turning her, and stroking her all over. There was no gravity any longer; she felt his strength increasing, the heat of it increasing. Then he moved his lips slowly down her stomach, and Arin couldn’t have cared less as she couldn’t resist what was going to happen. Alex removed her underwear, kissing her just above her pubic bone, he slipped his fingers inside her. When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and with a wolflike sharpness, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts. 
She was floating in the air. 
Naked now, he lay his full length over her. She enjoyed his weight on her, enjoyed being crushed under his body. She wanted him soldered to her, from mouth to feet. Shivers passed through her body, groping in the shadowy tangle of arms supporting her, feeling her legs forced apart and her mouth opened. “Yes, do it more.”

 Arin moaned when Alex jolted her to bring her back from her dream when she felt asleep on her desk during work.

 “Are you alright?” Asked Alex.
 “Yeah. I’m sorry. I just saw a horror dream.” Arin said in hesitation as she couldn’t believe that it was a cognitive dream so real than the real world. She wished if that couldn’t have been a dream, looking at Alex.
  “What kind of horror was it in which you are moaning sensibly asking for more?” Alex wanted to admit her truth, and he looked at her with his naughty face.
  “Don’t know.” She hesitated.
  “Are you free this evening?” Alex asked with his mischievous smile.
  “Yeah. Of course.” She replied without thinking anything.
  “It’s a date.” He smiled and walked away.



Ronnie was a guy who was really hot intern from the marketing department where Darcy use to work. They were friends since past 6 months and they use to chat everyday. She started finding herself actually looking forward to his texts and just seeing his name pop up on her phone would actually lit up her face. They were easy to talk to each other sharing each and every little things about their dreams, aspirations, friends, favourite books and movies, just say everything and anything basically. One day Ronnie asked Darcy for a date. But Darcy asked him for a date that was not common, i.e. she asked him to go a date to his or her place, lighting up the candle where they could sit together and he could read his favourite novel or one side of his fantasy that he never told her about.  He did the same what she asked for.

Darcy sat with her legs on his shoulder while he read a book for her which was a romance fantasy. She looked into his eyes when he finished reading the book and he told her about his fantasy that was something he never told to anyone. He opened up his sketchbook and showed her the portraits of all the girls he had loved before. Now he was single. She asked him- what he would do once all the pages of the book gets filled, would he purchase new one and continue it? He said ‘No’. There was still two pages left in that book and he told her that the last page would be of someone with whom he would stay forever. They both come closer to eachother, and he closed his eyes making his lips wet and adjusting it to kiss her. Darcay stopped. As she thought that he was really a nice guy and a perfect life partner material for her.  She refused to kiss and left the place. She thought she will kiss him when it’s the last page of the book, and she waited for sometime until the second last page of the sketchbook gets filled. So she could find her on the last page and live forever with him. 

They use to talk and he use to tell her everything about his love-life and all.  After few months he was in a relationship which lasted for 2 months. He filled the second last page of his sketchbook.  

Darcy came back to him. This time she asked him for the same date as before. They sat together, he read a novel for her. He showed her the second last sketch of that girl with whom she broke up recently. She clutched his hand and made it to wrap around her waist due to which he dropped his sketchbook book on the table with the last page opened. She put her arms on his shoulder and kissed him. The kiss between them started growing more intense and wilder. Her hands fall onto the sketchbook and because of the intensity of kiss between them she started loosing her control because of which she tried to balance her keep standing. She was unaware that her hand was on that last page and because of the rush between their kiss, tha page got ripped of from the book and fall apart before she could realise it. They stopped kissing and they both looked at that blank page lying down on the floor.

What comes next?

Do they looked worried looking at the blank page thinking that they were never meant to be together as a gesture from their destiny?

Does he laugh looking at it, leaving his fantasy as a scrap and he would now believe in whatever he had, i.e. Darcy?

Or will she believe in that he was never written for her, for which she waited?


हम राहों को राह बता देंगे
की साथी हां कुछ ऐसा होगा,
तेरे शहर में हम याद बना लेंगे
की बरसाती में कुछ वैसा होगा।

ऐसे चल तू साथ जैसे
सर्दी में हो धूप का पहरा,
वैसे कर तू बात मुझसे
खताओं में हो इश्क़ का चेहरा।

बिखेर दे तू बातों में कोई खत वो पुरानी
ऐसे हो जाए हम खुद से ही जुदा,
सवार दे तू नए अंधेरों में रात वो पुरानी
जैसे हो जाए हम तेरी सांसों में फना।

रात में जो कभी आहटें बने तू
किसी अनजान सी वो पहचान हो जहा,
रक्त में जो कभी सांसें भरें तू
ऐसे आंखों में कोई बात हो यहां।

आसमानों में कर दे तू कोई राहें वो बयां
जैसे समंदर में हो तू किसी राज़ सा गहरा,
गरदिशों में कर दे तू उन सितारों को नया
ऐसे मंज़र में हो तू किसी आज सा सवेरा।

हम राहों को राह बता देंगे
की साथी हां कुछ ऐसा होगा,
तेरे शहर में हम याद बना लेंगे
की बरसाती में कुछ वैसा होगा।


I keep on flying again in a blink
when I flow in cascade of dreams,
I keep on drying again in a think
when I grow in shade of screams.
I drink of the ocean of belief
in verve of the countless youth of prime,
I sink in the portion of grief
in curve of the printless steps of time.
Countlessly I fall in shapes
immortal nature, as tall as Alps,
Boundlessly I crawl in shades
mortal creature, as small as palps.
Over the droughts, emerging like the storm
I will write under the stary night,
Beneath the mounts, thriving like the flame
I will fight over the scary death.
By the inks from the chapter of life
I will be written in stars, far away,
By the sins from the creator of skies
I will be the addition in air, someday.


The busy birds with golden traits
flying high with scattered wool,
Hiding low from each eye preys
the rooty threads with accumulated drool.

Warm moss aligned in a rest
soft thistle dried into the crest,
Cris-cross tied into the best
hard whistle cried in the nest.

Landing down like a silver meteor in a day
with rapid wings cleaving the air,
Finding dawn over a golden watery way
with witty sings beaming the care.

High in the moody air her azure dome transcends
the crystal arch on a foggy sky bends,
Roofed with hairy fur, the wings blaze
over the cottony white, successive shadows rays.

Sounds a loud conch on a strengthen band
when falls down on a dreamy wet land,
Her air-borne lovers, ascends the strand
when nulls down on greedy grit sand.

K A S H M I R : The Sailor of Fire.

Back to the autumn trees
that locked under the ambitious roof,
Lacked by the wooden breeze
that cooked by the religious proof.

Our forgotten stories left to be carved on the chinars
like the greens on a rainy well thrives the mold,
Molten memories weft too brave on the shikars
like the dreams in a fairy tale cries untold.

The wakes leaving behind the bloody shadows
freezing the water that preserves,
The awake grieving below the stray meadows
greeting the slaughter that observes.

Can you see the heart beating in a rapid flow
when the smoke thrives over the chaos,
You see the art heating on a matted floor
when the kohl flows to shower the tears.

Now the knife is slicing deep inside the wound
like the soul from our bones,
The life is sinking down beside the bond
like the sole from our homes.

I see your eyes with a paralyzed smile
under the reflection of a starry sky,
And kill your byes from a terrified mile
under the projection when a diary die.

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