I keep on flying again in a blink
when I flow in cascade of dreams,
I keep on drying again in a think
when I grow in shade of screams.
I drink of the ocean of belief
in verve of the countless youth of prime,
I sink in the portion of grief
in curve of the printless steps of time.
Countlessly I fall in shapes
immortal nature, as tall as Alps,
Boundlessly I crawl in shades
mortal creature, as small as palps.
Over the droughts, emerging like the storm
I will write under the stary night,
Beneath the mounts, thriving like the flame
I will fight over the scary death.
By the inks from the chapter of life
I will be written in stars, far away,
By the sins from the creator of skies
I will be the addition in air, someday.

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