Ronnie was a guy who was really hot intern from the marketing department where Darcy use to work. They were friends since past 6 months and they use to chat everyday. She started finding herself actually looking forward to his texts and just seeing his name pop up on her phone would actually lit up her face. They were easy to talk to each other sharing each and every little things about their dreams, aspirations, friends, favourite books and movies, just say everything and anything basically. One day Ronnie asked Darcy for a date. But Darcy asked him for a date that was not common, i.e. she asked him to go a date to his or her place, lighting up the candle where they could sit together and he could read his favourite novel or one side of his fantasy that he never told her about.  He did the same what she asked for.

Darcy sat with her legs on his shoulder while he read a book for her which was a romance fantasy. She looked into his eyes when he finished reading the book and he told her about his fantasy that was something he never told to anyone. He opened up his sketchbook and showed her the portraits of all the girls he had loved before. Now he was single. She asked him- what he would do once all the pages of the book gets filled, would he purchase new one and continue it? He said ‘No’. There was still two pages left in that book and he told her that the last page would be of someone with whom he would stay forever. They both come closer to eachother, and he closed his eyes making his lips wet and adjusting it to kiss her. Darcay stopped. As she thought that he was really a nice guy and a perfect life partner material for her.  She refused to kiss and left the place. She thought she will kiss him when it’s the last page of the book, and she waited for sometime until the second last page of the sketchbook gets filled. So she could find her on the last page and live forever with him. 

They use to talk and he use to tell her everything about his love-life and all.  After few months he was in a relationship which lasted for 2 months. He filled the second last page of his sketchbook.  

Darcy came back to him. This time she asked him for the same date as before. They sat together, he read a novel for her. He showed her the second last sketch of that girl with whom she broke up recently. She clutched his hand and made it to wrap around her waist due to which he dropped his sketchbook book on the table with the last page opened. She put her arms on his shoulder and kissed him. The kiss between them started growing more intense and wilder. Her hands fall onto the sketchbook and because of the intensity of kiss between them she started loosing her control because of which she tried to balance her keep standing. She was unaware that her hand was on that last page and because of the rush between their kiss, tha page got ripped of from the book and fall apart before she could realise it. They stopped kissing and they both looked at that blank page lying down on the floor.

What comes next?

Do they looked worried looking at the blank page thinking that they were never meant to be together as a gesture from their destiny?

Does he laugh looking at it, leaving his fantasy as a scrap and he would now believe in whatever he had, i.e. Darcy?

Or will she believe in that he was never written for her, for which she waited?

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